Entry - the one command to run all your projects

Mike Harris on

Joining any new company comes with a host of challenges. These range from the mundane, where's the best place to get coffee, to the more practical, what are the technologies used and how is the code base organised and managed.

As the latest member at Mammal I have spent the last couple of weeks getting to grips with the various projects we are working on. I have been impressed with a tool built by the team here called entry that makes the launching and running of any project straightforward, simple and consistent.

In my first Mammal blog post I wanted to outline entry's key benefits and how it can be used. If you were more interested in coffee recommendations feel free to contact me directly.

Running a Modern Web Application

Recently the range of people who work directly on any large app's code base has expanded. With designers and front end developers integrating more smoothly into the workflow, complex applications with many dependencies need to have a lower barrier to ... entry.

At Mammal a typical project will rely upon a stack consisting of CouchDB, Redis and NodeJS whilst running several gulp tasks and scripts. Each of these needs to be run with the correct flags, arguments and in the right sequence in either their own terminal window or as a background job. Switching to a new project one has to remember the technologies used along with the unique steps and incantations required to get it up and running.

entry was built to solve this problem. Commands and their order are kept in a simple json file and all a developer needs to remember is to run entry to start a project.

Getting started with entry

entry is available via npm for anyone to use. Full instructions on how to install and run entry are on our labs page for entry. You can also contribute to the project on github; We always appreciate feedback/pull requests.

Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about entry, what we do at Mammal or if you just want to have a general chat about the technology world. Or where to get the best coffee @mikemjharris