Senior Javascript Developer

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We’re Mammal, a team of developers & designers who are currently focused on making teaching & learning maths, science & computing a better experience for all. Our office is just off Curtain Road in the heart of Shoreditch.

Join us in dramatically improving the teaching of mathematics and the learning experience of students in schools across the UK and throughout the world.

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Senior Javascript Developer

We're currently looking for a senior JS developer with tons of experience building complicated front-end apps mixed with solid server-side architecture.

New team members will:

  • Have demonstrable expertise in D3.js, AngularJS & node.js
  • Be fluent in Javascript
  • Have excellent verbal & written communication
  • Be motivated both by autonomy and close integration with a highly able team
  • Work from our Shoreditch Office

Nice to haves:

  • Experience working with the HTML5 Canvas element - we're currently using the EaselJS library
  • Experience of asynchronous control flow with Promises
  • Knowledge of our testing frameworks - Mocha and Protractor
  • An understanding of this code: